Testimonial by Stephanie, Yoga Retreat, Ibiza, Spain

“Hi Stephanie,

I slept under the bedding and I am delighted with it. Really love the feel of the fabric and it looks beautiful too. Clean and simple, fits in exactly with the look I was after. Lovely to sleep under. Easy bed making too with the flaps. All is perfect and really pleased with it, definitely been worth the wait. The pillow cases seem a little large for the pillows but due to this I can make the pillows look a little bigger which works better in comparison too the big single beds – the bit that is left over at the bottom I can tuck in underneath (fold back) and the top I can pull up to make the pillows look bigger so it all worked out perfectly!

I wanted to thank you for your service too, the entire process of custom sizes seemed a bit daunting but with your help and guidance it has been ever so easy. Thank you so much – I am really delighted with the end result.