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The ultimate in organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is beautifully soft and comforting for sensitive skin as it is guaranteed to be 100% toxic-free.

Sustainable production

Organic production is sustainable, so it’s good for the planet.

Fair relationships

We are committed to building sustainable & fair relationships with certified suppliers from around the world.


We use high-quality thread count organic cotton so its soft smoothness lasts and lasts.

Customer reviews

  • Elisabetta Organic Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover (Bio White)

    After 7 years the Elizabetta is still the softest and most luxurious bedding we own. Yes, it is very expensive, but comfort and durability are incredible. Treat yourself. A good...Read more

  • Elisabetta Organic Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover (Bio White)

    Love the Elisabetta bedding. The quality of the cotton is far superior to any bedding I have previously bought. Soft and silky to touch but not thin. Cool in summer, warm in...Read more

  • Elisabetta Organic Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover (Bio White)

    I purchased the Elisabetta duvet 8 years ago and it has lasted much longer than I expected, it is only just beginning to show signs of wear. It has a lovely soft feel, which is so...Read more

  • Organic Cotton Towel

    I'm more than satisfied with the quality of these organic towels, which are much fluffier than any I've bought before for my bed and breakfast, and cheaper too. Having put them...Read more

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