A start-up hospitality business

Green sourcing is increasingly important for both guests and hoteliers. For hotels considering linen purchases, organic linens can contribute towards certification because they are certified as environmentally-friendly. At the same time, organic linen creates a luxurious experience for guests in a cost-conscious way. Sustainable purchasing is one of the ten criteria assessed in attaining Green Tourism certification. Read on for a case study on how fou furnishings ® helped a hospitality business work towards its accomodation green stamp while enhancing the guest-experience with the finest organic bed linen.

The owner of a start-up hospitality business in Cumbria, Briar Rigg House, wanted to source sustainable, competitively priced but high-quality hotel bed linen. After initially being surprised at how few companies offered organic bedding, the owner approached fou furnishings. She immediately liked fou furnishings’ website, and its philosophy of only supplying high-quality organic linen.

Initially, the hospitality business purchased organic bed linen sets for its launch. But when guests’ feedback was so positive, it repeated the purchase. Conscious of its impact on the environment, the business produces its own fruit and vegetables from the garden. So sourcing organic bed linen complements its planet-friendly brand image, contributes to green accreditation as well as reflects the special way it cares for its guests.

Sourcing organic hotel linens can create a distinctively luxurious experience for guests, whilst contributing positively to Green Tourism certification, the bottom line, brand image and possible new revenue streams for hoteliers:

  • There is no need to choose between guests’ comfort and luxury – and cost.
    • organic bed linen is comparably and competitively priced
    • fou furnishings’ Egyptian organic cotton made in Italy was described as ‘beautiful, durable and oozing quality’
    • can be a factor in reducing costs as hotel linens will not have to be replaced as frequently; quality organic sheets will last and last through washing.
  • Certified environmentally-friendly bed linen promotes a positive, planet-friendly brand image and responds to guests’ environmental concerns as well as contributing to green accreditation.
  • Organic bedding is totally toxin-free as well as being soft and comfortable and is thus often the bed linen of choice for those with allergy-prone sensitive skins. Responding to guests’ health and wellness needs allows hotels to attract possible new revenue streams.

Buying organic has wider benefits too:

  • Organic production is sustainable so it’s good for the planet. It’s also safe and economically fair for cotton farm workers in developing countries, where safety regulations are weak.
  • Certifications by bodies such as the Soil Association, the UK’s leading certification body and environmental charity offer assurance on the organic integrity and quality of the bed linen.

About Fou Furnishings ®
Fou furnishings is a specialist organic linens company. We offer bespoke sourcing across the range of hotel linen needs and dedicated customer service, to make it easier for hotel owners and managers to purchase organic linens. For the highest quality organic linens, we source the finest quality organic cottons, in very high thread counts and finish to exacting standards. Available in thread counts up to 600, crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton; in the time honoured tradition of bedding which has graced the world’s elite hotels. As a mark of quality, our bed linens have made the top three best Organic Textile Products for the second year running. Fou furnishings is also a UK Soil association licensee and all of our organic bedding is certified by the UK Soil Association or Oeko-tex.