What On Earth are Organic Textiles?

it's #OrganicSeptember and this year brings more events than ever. From organic food pop-up events and tempting organic recipes to organic beauty week – which runs from the 19th to the 25th of September – plus a host of offers, promotions and competitions across a huge variety of organic products. Visit https://www.soilassociation.org/organicseptember/ to find out more about what's in store this September, from organic produce to pillow cases…and the people who make them.

Organic food and beauty are understood, but I often get asked, "What on earth are Organic textiles?" Related questions follow on. What is organic cotton? Customers often ask how they can be sure the organic cotton or wool bedding is indeed organic? What the benefits of organic textiles are for the buyer? Many customers are concerned about the presence of chemicals in their textiles which can cause an allergic reaction on contact. In terms of fair trade, how does organic cotton benefit the environment and cotton workers? For many of our customers, consumer and business, the quality of organic cotton bedding is a concern. Last, but not least, are organic textiles more expensive?

Keep reading fou furnishings organic textiles posts this #OrganicSeptember to find out what organic textiles are and how organic cotton bedding and bath linens link to your comfort, health & well being, the people involved in the cotton supply chain and the environment.  

#1 What Are Organic Textiles?

Organic textiles, from bedding to blouses, are made with organic cotton or wool which has been grown,  processed and produced without harmful chemicals – according to a set of organic textile standards.

Whilst there are strict regulations on what makes a cotton fibre organic – there are no laws covering organic textiles. To make sure fou furnishings organic textiles claims can be backed up; our organic bedding is certified to an international, rigorous standard – the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)  – which covers every single part of the supply chain. To have the GOTS symbol on a product, every step from the cotton seed to the sewing of the bedding is checked. Fou furnishings is independently and annually audited by the UK Soil Association against the GOTS standard and the UK Soil Association organic logo appears on our certified organic linens.

Next Post to follow. #2 What is Organic Cotton?