Summer Bedding – New Mattress Protectors to Keep You and Your Bed Cool & Protected, Free Gift & July Promotion

The theme for this month is summer bedding;  how best to keep you and your bed feeling cool and protected for the perfect night’s sleep. In response to customer demand for natural and organic bedding protection, we are adding two new mattress protector collections, a 100% cotton mattress protector and an organic cotton mattress protector. Our new mattress protectors are skin friendly and offer an extra layer of comfort; perfect for keeping you and your bed cool, comfortable, protected and healthy this summer and beyond. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of mattress and pillow protectors.

We are also offering a free gift for any order in July over £50 – our natural bath mat in a very luxurious 1000 GSM – and 15% discount plus free UK P&P over £30 till the 31st of July for all our retail customers.  Just enter the code SUMMER15 at the checkout.

Health Benefits of Mattress Protectors

The benefit of mattress protectors to our mattresses are evident; they protect and prolong its life. Why are they worth buying for a healthy night’s sleep?

  • As cotton is breathable, it protects your pillow and mattress from moisture lost when sleeping.
  • Limits exposure to the allergy inducing tiny dust mites and bacteria which can accumulate in mattresses.
  • Laundering to 40 ° C, with an effective detergent, washes bacteria and dust mites away.
  • Organic cotton is residue free, so the bedding does not contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues which can cause allergic reaction on contact.

New Mattress Protectors in 100% Brushed Cotton

Our new brushed cotton mattress protector and pillow protector will keep you cool in summer, as well as protect and prolong the life of your mattress and pillow. The mattress protectors are held in place securely with elastic in each corner and the pillow protectors use a zip fastening to fully enclose your pillow and help protect against dust mite allergens. The 100% brushed cotton mattress protectors are in a luxurious 400 g/m² and are also:

  • Skin friendly
  • Absorbent
  • Machine washable washed to 95 ° C
  • Certified to the Oeko-tex 100 standard
  • Made in Germany

Our mattress and pillow protectors are made to incredibly high standards;  they can be washed to 95 ° C and also tumble dried, so they are fantastic for your home or holiday home.


Starting at just £11.99 for a single mattress protector and £4.99 for the pillow protector, they are fantastic value too.

100% Organic Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector

Our new luxury organic cotton quilted mattress protector, covered and filled with 100% organic cotton,  has been expertly produced to offer the purest bedding comfort and mattress protection. In a luxurious 300 g/m² to offer a superb layer of comfort and bedding protection in 100% organic cotton throughout, the protector fits over the mattress in the style of a fitted sheet.

  • Covered and filled with 100% GOTS organic cotton
  • Residue free as no harmful chemicals are used in growing or processing organic cotton textiles
  • Machine washable washed to 40 ° C
  • Made in the EU

Our new quilted organic cotton mattress protector will be available to order on line from July, but please visit Bedding Protection at or get in touch to find out more or place advance order.


Prices start at £55 for a single organic cotton quilted mattress protector.

Both our mattress protectors are available in standard single, double, king and super king mattress protector as well as custom sizes. Please enquire for special sizes.

The Perfect Summer Bedding Combination – Boutis Cotton  Bedspread & Flat Sheet 

With the summer weather and balmy nights, a duvet can be too hot to handle. Our beautifully crafted bedspread of Boutis natural cotton bedspread, layered over  a flat sheet is the perfect combination to keep you sleeping at the right temperature all summer, as well as looking beautiful on your bed. ‘Boutis’ echoes an ancient wedding custom as these bedspreads were originally embroidered for Provençal trousseaus, with carefully chosen motifs to carry a message of happiness, luck and prosperity.

Fou Furnishings ® Boutis echoes the historical Provençal craftsmanship and offers a timeless and treasured bedspread as well as being eco-friendly and washable. The richly textured bedspread is in a soft cream and is made from 100% natural cotton, woven, dyed and finished in Italy.

Happy summer sleeping.