Organic Textiles & Organic Bedding Matters

To celebrate Organic September, Bee Green has published our article on Organic Textiles in their Autumn issue. Click on the link or read the article below.

Organic Textiles

Organic food and beauty options are increasingly understood and available as offering a healthy choice. Organic textiles are less visible and understood; but as consideration of how our product choices – from fashion to furnishings – link to our well being, the shared environment and the human story behind the products we buy, organic textile options are increasingly in demand.

The Organic Textiles Journey

Organic textiles are made from organic cotton or wool, produced using natural processes and without harmful chemicals. There are strict regulations on what makes cotton or wool organic – although there are no laws covering organic textiles. Look for the Global Organic Textile Standard, (GOTS) or the UK Soil Association symbol on a product or brand. GOTS means every stage of the product's journey from organic cotton seed to Welsh wool to sewing is traceable. So you can be sure of the integrity and quality of a product and a whole lot more besides

Making The Bed

Organic textiles can also be great ingredients for a healthy, fresh and chemical free, comfortable bed … and restful sleep. From the natural support, comfort and breathability of a hand stitched organic wool mattress and plump pillow, to the feel and comfort of an organic wool duvet in luxury organic cotton bed linen next to your skin, which is also great for allergy sufferers. Organic cotton duvets are available too which are great for allergy sufferers and customers preferring a natural duvet without animal fibres. 

Making Matters

Making the best quality really matters to organic textile companies; which is why they choose to work with organic cotton and wool. Abaca's organic mattresses are made to last; each hand stitched, tufted and padded with lots of organic wool. The organic wool that goes into making the perfectly structured duvets and pillows can be traced, as every product is numbered. Fou furnishings ® luxury Fairtrade and organic cotton bed linens are only made from high quality thread counts to ensure the purity, superb comfort and softness of the bed linens.

Fair Price & Trade For All

As well as sustainable luxury, luxury organic textiles are competitively priced against their luxury branded counterparts. As organic textile companies, source and sell directly and traceably, the premium paid is for Fairtrade and organic cotton, positively impacting those involved in the supply chain and the environment.