Not all Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bedding is Egyptian

An Egyptian bedding label is the hallmark of luxury bedding; higher quality, softer, more durable bed linen. However, a current high profile legal case in the US highlights that not all bedding labelled and sold as Egyptian, is authentic. The case involves the mislabelling of bedding – sold as 500 thread count, made from 100% Egyptian cotton – which is not what it says it is. The bedding has been withdrawn from sale and created a huge consumer backlash.

How can you be sure of the provenance of the bedding you are buying, what the product is made from and how it has been produced?

Look for the Logo

Organic and fair trade are trusted certification systems through which you can trace the identity and integrity of the cotton.  These trusted marks give you assurance of the provenance of the bed linens, plus environmental and social responsibility from crop to shop.

For the record, fou furnishings ® organic Egyptian bedding, Elisabetta is made exclusively for us in Italy from authentic, Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton. Our organic Egyptian cotton bedding , in a 475 thread count, is the ultimate in luxury and richness for your bedroom. The difference is in the finish which gives this Egyptian organic cotton bedding a silky smooth touch against your skin.

Comfort, Quality & Well Being

Opting for 100 per cent organic cotton content, which is certified organic, can guarantee cotton grown and processed without harsh and harmful chemicals, as well as the quality, craftsmanship and provenance of the linens.

So when you buy from fou furnishings ®, you can be sure you are buying authentic Egyptian cotton bedding. The added benefits of organic certification means that the bedding is produced in a natural way, that supports your comfort, health & well being, the people involved in the supply chain and the environment.  

Quality as Standard

To make sure our product claims can be backed up; we also quality test the performance of our linens for shrinkage, pilling and thread count.

Five Star Reviews

Our customer reviews and cstomer testimonials would agree that the our Egyptian bedding is indeed higher quality, softer, more durable bed linen.

"I love the linen, best I’ve ever had "

 "Love the Elisabetta bedding. The quality of the cotton is far superior to any bedding I have previously bought. Soft and silky to touch but not thin. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Has already been washed many times and feels like it will last many more."

"This collection is by far the best bedding that my wife and I have ever found. They are soft, durable and great for the environment."

Fair Pricing

Egyptian organic cotton bedding is more expensive as organic cotton costs more than conventional  cotton to turn in to a finished product, because of the special way in which it is grown and treated, but we sell directly and take less profit to make sure the price of our luxury linens is always very reasonable and competitive – fair pricing for all.

® organic bed linens offer the quality, comfort and heritage of luxury linens with the purity and principles of organic cotton sewn in.  That is why fou furnishings ® luxury organic bed and bath linens are a go to source for transforming your home, boutique hotel, spa and yacht into an ecologically fresh retreat.