Looking for a calming Retreat? Book a Yoga Retreat or Create a Blissful Bedroom Retreat

Immersing yourself in a calming retreat can be fantastic for our health and well being. Creating your very own fresh and blissful bedroom retreat can create a calming space which comforts and lulls you off to sleep naturally. The restorative powers of sleep and importance to our well being is well researched. Creating an ecologically fresh bedroom, can set you up for a better night's sleep and enhance your comfort and well being due to zero toxicity levels. Perfect even for the most sensitive skins. 

Slipping in to the comfiest, softest bed linen which is made from the finest Fairtrade and organic cotton will capture that feeling of a luxury hotel or an incredible yoga retreat such as Morna Retreats in Ibiza. 

Morna Retreats is a luxury Yoga and Health Retreat on Ibiza's east coast. Opened in 2015 and has added a second retreat with spectacular views . The retreat centres offer a haven which hosts retreats for yoga teachers, coaches and therapists from around the world. Morna retreat combines yoga by the shores of the Mediterranean sea, accommodation designed by Ibiza architects and dishes prepared for guests by chefs on site, with fruit and veg from the retreat's own organic garden.

Morna Retreats offers a place to rejuvenate and reflects the  philosophy and commitment of the owners to offer an eco conscious approach which considers the health and wellness of guests and the link to food and the environment; which they have coined as the 'Morna Way".

In keeping with the 'Morna Way', ecologically fresh, tranquil bedrooms and restorative sleep under luxury linens in extra-sized beds  are essential ingredients. Fou furnishings ® was approached to source a  green solution for the retreats' linen needs, with client comfort paramount and custom sizes for bed linen and duvets. 

Fou furnishings ® sourced luxury 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton bed linen and towels and natural, breathable wool bedding, ideal for the Ibiza climate. The luxurious long staple organic cotton fibres means the bed linen is wonderfully smooth and comfortable to sleep in and does not contain any irritating, toxic chemical residues which can be found in conventional cotton. The linens are ‘dual certified’, to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade, the ‘gold standard’ for sustainable cotton.

The linens were shipped direct to Morna Retreats for opening, with linen miles and packaging minimised to ensure as green and environmentally friendly a solution as possible. According to the owners, the guests love the comfort of the organic bedding and the organic link to health and wellness ensures the linens fit with the 'Morna Way' in the increasingly eco conscious Ibiza.

My daughter is very keen for us to book one of Morna Retreats very soon.