Hotel Bedding & Supply Chain Focus

Sourcing cotton hotel bedding and the impacts on those down the cotton supply chain is highlighted in Green Hotelier’s Talking Point in February 2015. As a certified Fairtrade and organic hotel linens supplier and with a published a thesis on developing organic cotton supply chains, Stephanie McIntosh, fou furnishings’ founder explains why it’s important for hoteliers to consider the people within their supply chains.  As cotton is a commodity which hoteliers procure in vast quantities, whether purchasing or renting, the supply of cotton to hotels impacts the lives of millions in India’s second industry after agriculture. The article highlights two well established projects in India which fou furnishings sources hotel linens from and how changes to traditional supply chain metrics can extend the supply chain model beyond compliance, to one that builds social, environmental, and economic value.

As Green Hotelier highlights, sourcing cotton responsibly can be a challenge for hoteliers. Incorporating a proportion of Fairtrade organic cotton products into the hotel supply chain can meet the needs of guests who are seeking to make an ethical choice. Sourcing from proven hotel suppliers, certified to Fairtrade or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensures a sustainable supply chain which is economically viable, socially just and environmentally sound for all partners involved, and at all stages of the supply chain. 

Hoteliers who are looking to source their cotton responsibly can visit Fairtrade International to find out more. For case studies on sourcing hotel linens, these can be viewed on fou furnishings web site.