Fou Furnishings Supplier Story – UK Made Organic Wool Duvets

Supplier Stories Introduction

Since launching fou furnishings ® in 2009, we have sought out the very best organic bedding and towel producers around the world. We partner with producers who share our passion for sustainability and quality: from Fairtrade and organic cotton co-operatives in India, to artisan producers in Italy, to specialist organic wool and natural bedding makers in the UK; combining rich textile history and innovation to make the best organic textile products in the very best way.

We have grown together with our organic textile producers and have many stories to share. Our first supplier story starts in the UK, on a farm in the Pennine Hills of Yorkshire; where we source our organic wool and alpaca bedding. Read on for the natural comfort and environmental benefits of organic wool bedding and a chance to win an organic wool duvet to improve your sleep health.

Wool Mill Established in 2002
Our organic wool bedding producer began in 2002, starting first with a small alpaca herd. The company then took up the opportunity to buy a wool mill to manufacture natural fibre bedding items, including pillows and duvets.

The producer built the mill, sourcing machinery from across the world to make sure they had the right processes to produce the finest bedding. The machinery was then brought to a beautiful location on top of the high Yorkshire Pennines, where a state-of-the-art computer system was also installed to control the production processes; combining the best quality organic wool and cottons, artisan production and innovation.

The mill is based in the hills of West Yorkshire, a location which benefits from the textile heritage in the area between the mills of Bradford and the towns along the Lancashire border. Weather and the geographical location of the flock also influence wool in terms of its quality and fineness.

Organic Wool Mill Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
To demonstrate their organic credentials, the mill achieved the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification; to manufacture fully organic wool duvet, pillows and cushions. To comply with the certification, every organic wool bedding item made is individually serial numbered and is traceable back to the wool source.

Making The Best Organic Wool Duvet Matters
The producer’s aim was to make the very best duvets and pillows available. After much research, the final duvet product design set out to surpass the quality of most other duvet manufacturers, with hand finishing and quality checks across every single item made. The organic wool fill duvets and pillows are made from British Wool and the producer holds a British Wool Crook mark, as evidence of supporting British farming and British Wool.

The mill also processes other fibres including cashmere and alpaca, plus a wide range of British sheep breed fibres including Herdwick, Shetland and Welsh wools.

Why a Better Organic Wool Duvet?
Expertly made in Yorkshire, the organic wool fill in the duvet is are made using multiple layers of wool, up to 40 separate layers depending on the desired weight; a process which gives the duvet a high loft for the ultimate comfort and luxury, unlike many flat wool duvets. The organic wool fill pillows benefit from up to 120 layers of wool for incredible comfort, unlike the wool balls used for fill in many wool pillows. The expert, quilting structure of the duvet also ensures an even and durable fill for the life of the duvet. The organic wool duvet is then encased in high thread count 100% GOTS organic cotton from Germany to ensure a wholly organic, chemical free duvet.

Better for Animal Welfare and the Environment
To comply with GOTS certification, every organic wool bedding item made is individually serial numbered and is traceable back to source.  This guarantees the agricultural welfare of both sheep, land, water supply and manufacturing process. It is a fully audited process which the producer has passed every year since gaining GOTS certification.

The Sleep Health Benefits of Organic Wool Duvets

  1. Temperature Regulating

Climate control: organic wool duvets are naturally temperature regulating, helping to promote peaceful sleep all year round; keeping you cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer.  An Alpaca wool duvet will also work with your body through the separate phases of sleep to help achieve a restful night’s sleep. This makes organic wool ideal for all ages.

  1. Helps Work towards an Allergen Free Bedroom

An organic wool duvet is a natural alternative to synthetic and down filled duvets for asthma and allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. If you are an allergy sufferer, choosing hypoallergenic bed linens and bedding will help you create and allergen free bedroom. Alpaca wool fibre also absorbs moisture and quickly wicks it away, providing a dry and healthy sleep environment which inhibits bacteria and dust mites. Definitely a plus for healthy sleep habits.

  1. Ideal for Customers with Chemical Sensitivity

The organic wool duvets are also ideal for chemical sensitivity sufferers as the fleece is not bleached or chemically treated.

  1. Sleep Comfort

Sleeping under high loft organic wool duvets is incredibly comfortable. The luxury organic cotton casing adds to the duvet’s natural breathability.

  1. Ideal Duvet Weight Craftsmanship

The organic wool duvets are made in small batches to the ideal tog weight equivalent for your sleep preference; from all seasons to winter weight.

Please enquire for lightweight summer, heavier winter weight wool duvets or custom duvet sizes.  We can also offer a custom bedding service for unusual sized or shaped beds, large or small for yachts, caravans or glamping, just contact us to discuss.

Natural Alternatives to Wool
For customers who prefer natural bedding that fits with their vegan lifestyle, we have 100%  organic cotton duvet, launching pillows and mattress protectors as well as an extensive range of organic cotton bed linen.