Fou Furnishings – How did you sleep?

The rising temperatures can have an effect on our sleep health…


Making the switch to natural and organic bedding is the key to a peaceful sleep. It’s kind to your skin, keeps you cool and is highly breathable which will mean a better night’s sleep for yourself, your family and your guests.

Reasons to Shop Natural and Organic:


  • Natural fibres ‘breathe’, keeping you comfortable in hot weather by absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air
  • Natural fibres come from the earth, so when made into bedding it will return to the earth, decomposing relatively quickly
  • Organic cotton retains odour less than synthetic materials so we can wash it less often – saving water, energy costs, and wear and tear on our bedding
  • Organic cotton is one of the best skin-friendly materials for your sheets as it does not contain irritating chemicals and dyes. This makes organic cotton ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin.


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Improve your sleep today and wake up feeling refreshed!