Five reasons why organic bedding is better for you and your guests

1. Made without the use of harmful chemicals 
As organic cotton doesn’t contain any pesticides or toxic chemicals they’re a safe choice for people with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities, as well as those prone to allergies. Many chemicals used in conventional bedding can be irritating to human skin, especially to babies and children.

2. Organic fabrics are highly breathable 
Organic fibres have natural antibacterial properties that wick away moisture. These fibres have large pores for airflow to maintain an optimal sleeping temperature; this helps you stay cool at night, making it a great choice for people who sleep hot and tend to sweat at night. Sleeping in organic bedding will make you feel fresh and dry when you sleep.

3. Buying organic is healthier for the planet
The production of organic cotton is better for the planet as less water is used to grow it and no pesticides are used, which helps prevent soil and air pollution. Using toxic pesticides also puts farmers’ health at risk, while cultivating organic cotton reduces their exposure to toxins.
4. Organic fabrics are durable
Organic bedding is more resistant and durable as the fabric has not been chemically treated, unlike non-organic bedding which has been treated with bleach and other chemicals than make it thinner and prone to damage. Organic bedding will last much longer than non-organic bedding, making it a more economical option for you and your guests.

5. Soft to the touch
The fibres tend to retain their natural properties which makes organic bedding feel much more luxurious and plush. They’re also lightweight and soft to the touch which enhances your overall comfort when you wrap them around your body while sleeping.