Organic Bedding Benefits

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Organic Bedding Benefits

Here’s a few tips from fou furnishings on why opting for organic bedding, cotton and wool, makes sense and looks gorgeous on your bed too. 

Organic cotton is beautifully soft and comforting for sensitive skin as it is guaranteed to be 100% toxic-free, making for a much happier sleeping experience.  

Organic cotton bedding has long fibres, keeping it looking superior even with frequent laundering. Investing in high quality organic cotton linens means they will last through laundering and do not require to be replaced as frequently, reducing long run costs. Certified organic bed linen also gives assurance on provenance and performance. 

The advantage of buying quality organic is that your sheets will last, just like in the old days. We use high-quality thread count organic cotton so its soft smoothness lasts and lasts.

For health and well being:

For children
Organic bedding is particularly important for babies and young children. Babies spend about 70% of their first year in bed, so the quality of their bedding is really important. A baby’s skin is more porous than that of an adult and has the potential to absorb residues more easily. Babies are more vulnerable to chemical-overload than adults because they are small and still growing.

Organic cotton bedding is great for allergy sufferers, those with chemical sensitivities or children suffering from eczema. Careful monitoring and testing is carried out at each stage to check the level of chemical residues in the bed linen which ensure it is indeed a natural product and the risk of allergic reaction on skin contact is reduced. 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
For MCS sufferers, the charity MCS-Aware at is a go to, free resource for those with Environmental illness. You can join the online forum for free and chat to others with multiple chemical sensitivities plus access help sheets and information to support you or anyone in your family who suffer MCS. We are aware that MCS sufferers often feel isolated so this is a valuable community of support online or offline.   

Temperature Regulator
Wool also helps to regulate the bodies temperature due to its natural properties. The wool passes the heat away from the body, mainly in the form of moisture, when you are too hot. When you are too cold, it keeps the heat in.

There are wider benefits too:

Planet and People Friendly
Organic production is sustainable, so it’s good for the planet. Organic fabrics protect the environment, reduce chemical sprays and toxins for farmers and ensure fair trade, allowing you to rest well assured that you are doing your bit even when you are asleep. 

Farmers can be lifted out of poverty through the cultivation of organic cotton crops: they do not enter into debt to buy fertilisers to cultivate the cotton. Fair pay for the farmers who, in organic cotton, are not subject to the commodity pricing of conventional cotton on the global market.