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Bed Linen Buying Guide
Not all 100% cotton bed linens are created equal. We have compiled this buying guide to help in buying the size, style or quality of bed linen wanted for you, your family or your guests.  

A well dressed bed sets the style of a bedroom and is so inviting. Sliding between high quality, organic sheets after a busy day is also so relaxing. Soft, comfortable, natural bedding will set you, your family or your guests up for a great night's comfortable sleep 

When choosing quality, a good sign is the thread count because a higher thread count contributes to quality and softness. However other factors such as the quality, ply and thickness of the cotton fibre used, the finish and weaving also affect the handle and feel of the fabric. 

Using a finer thread allows more threads to fit into a square inch measure, creating a softer, smoother fabric. Thread count can range from under 100 to over a 1000, depending on the 'ply' of yarn used.  A high quality percale is a thread count of 200 or above. We only use high thread counts in our bed linens and our 475 Egyptian organic cotton bedding is the height of luxury and heirloom quality. 

We test all our linens against international standards BS EN ISO for shrinkage, colour fastness, pilling and thread count. 

Bed linen Fabric
Different bed linen fabrics have different feels and it can be down to personal preference and the season. If you are looking for a soft feel, then sateen. If a crisp look is what you want for your bedding, then percale is more suited. All of our bed linens are made from 100% certified organic cotton. 

  • Percale - This is a crisp fabric made from a closely woven plain weave.
  • Sateen - This is a soft fabric to the touch and used in many of our bed linens and our baby bedding, due to its softness. A sateen weave construction has more yarn surface on the face of the cloth than other basic weaves giving it a softer handle and more lustrous look.

For commercial use, look for bed linen which has been designed to withstand commercial laundries and quick and frequent bed changes such as our Hotel Collection. 

As all of our bed linen is made from 100% certified organic cotton, tested to ensure a natural product, it is great for allergy sufferers, those with chemical sensitivities or children suffering from eczema.   Testing is carried out at each stage of the textile process to check the level of chemical residues in the bed linen which ensures it is indeed a natural product and the risk of allergic reaction on skin contact is reduced. 

For children
For young children, sateen is lovely and soft and a higher thread count will also ensure smoothness against sensitive young skins. Natural and organic bedding is also ideal for children due to its toxin free qualities as babies are more vulnerable to chemical-overload than adults because they are small and still growing. Our nursery range is a super soft 330 thread count sateen. 

Towel Buying Guide
Plush towels can set of any bathroom. The softness, absorbency and plushness of a towel are influenced by the weight, quality and construction of the yarn used.  The design of the towel also influences how well a towel keeps its shape after laundering. Our organic towels are designed to ensure they retain their shape wash after wash as well as being made from the highest quality certified organic cotton. 

Talking Towel Terminology

GSM is short for grams per square metre and gives you a measure of the weight of the towel. The higher the GSM, the heavier the weight and the more absorbent the towel will be. Our towels are a five star 700 GSM and  luxury 460 GSM. Also worth noting, the higher the weight, the longer the drying time. 

Like bed linen, the yarn used in towels influences the quality, feel and durability of the towel. Our 700 GSM towels use a special 'hotel 'quality carded organic cotton yarn. 

The construction of the towel influences its quality, thickness and how well the towel retains its shape after frequent washing. A double twisted loop, such as in our Turkish towels, gives a thicker than normal yarn, resulting in a more plush and luxurious towel that keeps its shape.  

Quality Control
We test all of our towels for shrinkage, colour fastness and shedding to ensure they perform to the highest standard. All of our towels are tested to commercial laundry standards by our customers. 

Caring for your Towels
All fou furnishings towels are washable to 60 degrees Celsius. When washing towels, you do not have to use fabric conditioners in every wash. This will help to maintain the towel's absorbency. If your towel comes in to contact with products which stain such as makeup, we can recommend eco-friendly stain removers to help remove these stubborn stains. If you catch the towel and pull a loop accidentally, the snagged loop can be snipped off with a pair of scissors.