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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Tucked Up.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Tucked Up. Treat Your Special Mum to a Pampering Gift of luxury, Organic Bedding 

It is Mother’s Day soon and flowers are always really appreciated. If you are looking for an extra special Mother’s Day Gift that will last longer than flowers, then some gorgeous, luxury organic bedding could be an ideal gift.

Fairtrade Fortnight Competition, Promotion & Supplier Story

The annual Fairtrade Fortnight campaign runs from the 25th of February till the 10th of March. This Fairtrade Fortnight join us in celebrating all things Fairtrade, from chocolate to organic cotton. Look out for the many events organised by campaigners and groups up and down the country, from bake sales to talks and fairs, all in support of the Fairtrade campaign. If you are near London, there is a  

Feel Great About Your Bed linen - Fairtrade & Organic For Comfort & Sleep Joy

Our luxury certified, Fairtrade and organic bedding has been gracing bedrooms from the smallest space to boutique hotels for over ten years now. One of our first customers contacted us last week to let us know that the Egyptian organic bedding she purchased way back then was still going strong.

Positive Brands = Sustainable Brands Making History

Proud to have @foufurnishings luxury organic and Fairtrade linens feature in Sublime Magazine's list of timeless, sustainable brands that are making history.  

Organic Textiles & Organic Bedding Matters

To celebrate Organic September, Bee Green has published our article on Organic Textiles in their Autumn issue. Click on the link or read the article below.

Organic Textiles

Cottoning on To Healthy Sleep Habits with Organic Bedding

To live well, we need to sleep well. Healthy sleep habits is a topical theme as well as link to organic cotton and wool bedding. Read on for common complaints that trouble our slumber and how making the bedding organic can help to foster healthy sleep habits for regular, restful and rejuvenating sleep.
The importance and benefit of regular, restful sleep to our wellbeing is well researched and increasingly newsworthy. Below are five healthy sleep habits and the slumber grumbles that they address.

Looking for a calming Retreat? Book a Yoga Retreat or Create a Blissful Bedroom Retreat

Immersing yourself in a calming retreat can be fantastic for our health and well being. Creating your very own fresh and blissful bedroom retreat can create a calming space which comforts and lulls you off to sleep naturally. The restorative powers of sleep and importance to our well being is well researched. Creating an ecologically fresh bedroom, can set you up for a better night's sleep and enhance your comfort and well being due to zero toxicity levels. Perfect even for the most sensitive skins. 

Not all Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bedding is Egyptian

An Egyptian bedding label is the hallmark of luxury bedding; higher quality, softer, more durable bed linen. However, a current high profile legal case in the US highlights that not all bedding labelled and sold as Egyptian, is authentic. The case involves the mislabelling of bedding - sold as 500 thread count, made from 100% Egyptian cotton - which is not what it says it is. The bedding has been withdrawn from sale and created a huge consumer backlash.

What is Organic Cotton?

Like the food we grow, cotton is a crop. What makes cotton organic? What are the benefits of buying textiles made with organic cotton?

Five Good Organic Cotton Facts

What On Earth are Organic Textiles?

it's #OrganicSeptember and this year brings more events than ever. From organic food pop-up events and tempting organic recipes to organic beauty week - which runs from the 19th to the 25th of September - plus a host of offers, promotions and competitions across a huge variety of organic products. Visit to find out more about what's in store this September, from organic produce to pillow cases...and the people who make them.


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