Organic Wool Pillow Medium

Organic Wool Pillow Medium

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Organic Wool Pillows Made in the UK

Luxury organic wool pillows, comfiest natural pillow made from up to 120 layers of 100% organic wool for the finest quality pillow. The organic wool is sourced from Welsh farms and covered in high thread count organic cotton.  

Our new organic wool pillows are in the process of being certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you can rest your head in the comfort and assurance of the purity of a British wool, chemical free pillow. The trusted GOTS certification means that your wool pillow is a completely organic.

Our Pillows are a standard size 50cm x 75cm. For custom sizes or king, please enquire. 


Making Organic Wool Pillows

Expertly made in Yorkshire the UK, our new organic wool pillows are beautifully made using multiple layers of wool that give the pillows a high loft for the ultimate comfort and luxury in a wool pillow.

Unlike other wool pillows, the wool fill in the pillow is layered in up to a 120 separate layers, depending on the desired pillow firmness weight to produce the loft and luxury of this wool pillow. The layers of wool mean that the pillow has not only incredible comfort but does not become lumpy like other pillows. The wool is then encased in high thread count 100% GOTS organic cotton to ensure a wholly natural, chemical free pillow. 


The Sleep  Benefits of Organic  Wool Pillows

  • Comfort: Sleeping on our high loft organic wool pillows is incredibly comfortable. The luxury organic cotton casing adds to the pillows natural breathability.
  • Anti-allergy bedding: a wool pillow is a natural alternative to synthetic and down filled pillows for asthma and allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. The organic wool pillows are also ideal for chemical sensitivity sufferers as the fleece is not bleached or chemically treated.
  • The natural properties of also wool make it resistant to dust mite, so it not only retains all its natural properties but is kind to the environment too.

The organic wool pillows are made in small batches to the correct firmness. Choose from soft, edium or firm fill to suit your comfort and sleeping position.  

Please enquire for different pillow firmness.  We can also offer a custom pillow making service for different pillow sizes, large or small for yachts, caravans or glamping, just contact us to discuss. 


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