New Natural Wool Pillow UK

New Natural Wool Pillow UK

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New Natural Wool Pillow Made in the UK

New wool duvets from the maker of our organic wool duvets, we are introducing a new wool duvet and pillow range. Our new wool duvets and pillows are made from 100% wool sourced from Welsh farms and covered in high thread count cotton.


Making Our Wool Pillows

The wool fill that goes in to our pillows is made of up to 120 separate layers; to produce the loft and luxury. We are introducing the medium weight pillow to launch. Please get in touch for a soft, firm or  custom sized pillow. 


Naturally Regulating Sleep Temperature

The body needs to be cool to switch on our ‘sleep mechanism.’ Too hot or too cold can disturb sleep. The ideal temperature is around 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. 

The wool natural fibres create heat as they absorb moisture and then create a cooling action as the moisture is wicked away. The ability of wool to regulate your temperature whilst sleeping means that your sleep temperature is naturally regulating all through the night. 

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New Natural Wool Pillow UK