Alpaca Wool Duvet All Season - Seconds

Alpaca Wool Duvet All Season - Seconds

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Alpaca Wool All Seasons Duvet - Second

Alpaca duvet sale prices are great value. 30% off single and 40% off double, king size and emperor sizes while stocks last. 

These luxury all seasons weight alpaca wool duvets are seconds, still expertly crafted in the UK, using only the finest alpaca encased in cotton. All the sleep benefits of alpaca,  keep you sleeping soundly and snug, to awake refreshed, whatever the temperature.

Alpaca wool duvets can be great ingredients for a healthy, fresh and chemical free, comfortable bed  and restful sleep. The feel and comfort of an alpaca wool duvet is wonderful to sleep under, as well as breathable and great for allergy sufferers.

The all seasons alpaca wool duvet has a tog rating equivalence of 7.5 tog +.duvet 

The second grade alpaca duvets have either a stitch line fault or minor manufacturing mark. All faults will not alter the performance of the alpaca duvet when compared to a first grade duvet. 

Alpaca Duvet Making Matters

Making the very best quality duvets really matters to us and our producers; which is why these alpaca wool duvets are being sold as slight seconds. The duvets are expertly produced with alpaca wool in the UK in small batches.

To make Alpaca Comfort Wool duvets, the producer visits over 400 farms a year to source the best fleece, direct from farmers; as the better the Alpaca, the better the duvet. The structure of the duvet ensures an even and durable fill for the life of the duvet, so no more annoying gaps.

About Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca is a soft and beautiful fibre which is light and hollow, unlike sheep's wool which is solid. The resulting duvet feels comfortably light to sleep under, but the natural properties of Alpaca means that it is incredibly effective at regulating body temperature in changing climate.   

The Sleep  Benefits of Alpaca

  • Climate control: Alpaca is naturally temperature regulating for the soundest sleep, at the perfect temperature for your body, all year round.
  • Comfort: Sleeping under Alpaca is incredibly comfortable as the fibre has one of the best moisture absorbency and wicking properties of natural fibres. The cotton casing adds to the duvet’s natural breathability, working with your body to maintain the ideal temperature; keeping you cosy and snug in winter and cool and refreshed in summer.
  • Anti anti-allergy bedding: An Alpaca duvet is a natural alternative to synthetic and down filled duvets for asthma and allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic and aids in a peaceful night’s sleep, for grown-ups and kids.
  • The natural properties of the Alpaca make it resistant to dust mite as the fleece is not bleached or chemically treated, so it not only retains all its natural properties but is kind to the environment too. 
Single £125.30
Double £173.40
King £203.40
Emperor £269.00

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Alpaca Wool Duvet All Season - Seconds